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Calycanthus floridus 'Carolina allspice'

Calycanthus floridus 'Carolina allspice'

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Carolina allspice, is an native shrub in the Calycanthaceae family. It is found in the south east growing in shady woodlands and along streambanks. It grows 6-10' tall with an equal or slightly greater spread. It is commonly called sweetshrub and strawberry bush in reference to the showy fragrant blooms which have been described as combining hints of pineapple, strawberry, and banana. The aroma is stronger in higher temperatures.

Sweetshrub grows best in average to rich, well-drained soil in anywhere from full sun to deep shade. It blooms in early spring before leaves emerge, with the leaves, and sporadically thereafter.

Common Name(s): Bubby Bush, Carolina Allspice, Common Sweetshrub, Spicebush, Sweet Betsy, Sweet Bubby Bush, Sweetshrub, Sweet Shrub

Height: 6 - 10'

Spread: 8 - 12'

Spacing: 12'

Exposure: Part Sun (4 - 6 Hours) OR Full Sun (6+ Hours) OR Full Shade (Up to 4 Hours)

Blooms: Spring